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  • On January 15, 2019
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How to take great photos with your phone for your social media posts and ads

Not everybody trusts paintings but people believe photographs.” — Ansel Adams

Have you ever wondered why some posts and ads on Instagram or Facebook are more interesting and eye-catching than the others? And would you like your business to stand out from the crowd by grabbing the attention of your followers and clients with outstanding photos? If yes, then this is the right place to stick around for a short while.

The good news is that you do not need to hire a group of professional photographers to make those amazing shots. You can take great pictures even with your mobile phone if you follow a few simple photography rules that will make your photos look great without using too many different techniques and equipment. Moreover, various edition options are already built-in on your mobile device and they are also very helpful in creating memorable shots. So let’s begin.

Lens and light

Just before you start applying any specific rules, make sure that your camera lens is clean and that there is enough light. Mobile phone cameras are less sensitive to light than professional ones so always keep that in mind.

Division can do wonders – the rule of thirds

A photo is most attractive when its subjects or regions are composed along imaginary vertical and horizontal lines which divide the image into thirds. In other words, take 2 vertical lines, and 2 horizontal lines and divide your photo up into 9 equal squares as in the example below. This kind of distribution makes your image look more balanced and not too complex helping your eyes to focus on most important parts. To make your life easier, you can turn on the gridlines option on your phone which will help you to place your subjects along the lines. How to do that on iPhone, check this.

Focus on one thing and leave some negative/white space

Do not let your viewer get lost in the photo by overcrowding it with a lot of things. Have one subject of interest and give it enough space to reveal itself – surround it with negative/white space or in other words, leave plenty of empty space around your subject. By doing that, you will make the eyes of the viewers focus on what you want them to.

You better walk that mile – zooming

I bet all of us were in a situation when our subject of interest is a bit too far to catch it with all details and we started to zoom in and out. When you use your phone to take photos, resist the temptation to use zoom option because the quality of the photo will not be good. Better use your legs to bring you closer to that subject.

Be curious, look and move around – angle, perspective and depth

Move around things and people, look from different angles, get close and search for interesting details. Take as many photos as you can looking from different perspectives because it can have a big impact on the image, it can reveal an absolutely unexpected view.

Play with lines, shades and reflections. They will help to create the feeling of depth and movement and will immerse the viewer in your photo.

Harmony is attractive – symmetry and patterns

Symmetry brings a certain harmony to the picture and is always pleasant to the eye. Look for it in nature and day to day surroundings or create it yourself. Patterns are also eye-catching and they can easily absorb the viewer.

Sometimes less is more – colours

Play with colours by using different built-in filters and downloadable apps for iPhone or Android phones. By leaving all things grey and making the subject of the photo in colour, you make it stand out and focus the viewer’s eye on that one detail you find the most important.

Fun is memorable

Do not be afraid to take funny and entertaining photos. Everyone likes a good laugh, and if you can squeeze at least a tiny smile out of your follower, there is a high chance they will remember you longer.

Edit edit edit

Use different apps to improve your images and to create a pleasant view for your followers. Check out The 13 Best Photo & Video Editing Apps for Mobile compiled by HubSpot for inspiration.

Add-on smartphone accessories

Yes, lenses for phone cameras do exist and they can greatly improve the quality of your images. If you really get into mobile phone photography, then check available lens options and other types of accessories made for taking better pictures.

In the end, probably the best advice we can give you is the following: know the main photography rules and some tricks and apply them always that you can. But most importantly – be curious, creative and observant because as Ansel Adams said: There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.”

Written by Paulina Juknaite