Simple, Powerful, Effective

eBerryBox platform empowers businesses to build and grow relationships through marketing campaigns.

Brilliant design for any company

Fail proof drag and drop options give you the tools you need to build effective campaigns.

The source code feature provides endless possibilities to reflect the unique nature of your company.

User-friendly free templates allow even amateurs/novices to quickly and easily create compelling/robust/convincing/ designs.

If you already have a template that works for you, simply upload it now. Otherwise click on Create and get started.

Intelligent and flexible email lists

eBerryBox can help you manage your email lists in smart and responsive ways. It is easy to subscribe new customers, import, export and edit lists as well as segment lists to create targeted and effective campaigns.

As easy as sending email, follow these five steps

1- Recipients: Choose WHO to send to

You can choose which list or segment you want the list to go to.

2-Setup: Choose WHAT to track

Make sure you get the information you need to make informed decisions.

3-Template: Choose WHICH design to use

You can upload a template you already have or build a new template.

4-Schedule: Choose WHEN to send

Schedules can be adjusted to suit you and your customer’s needs.

5-Confirm: Choose TO CONFIRM

Data Driven Decisions

Our system makes it easy to get reports so you can make smart choices. Discover what story the numbers have to tell you: opened, clicked, and linked, you’ll know why and how to take the next step. Our mobile friendly platform allows you to get the data from your desk in the office or your office by the sea.

Save time with powerful automations

Personalize marketing to your customers so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Smooth and Simple with API


Make your life easier by using API. Synchronise information so it’s easier to manage lists, campaigns and report data with your current customer management software.

Get started now

Change the way you care about your customers